Community Impact

Social Justice Scholarship

Starting in 2020, TruHealing Centers offered $750,000 worth of scholarships to African American people struggling with addiction. This scholarship funded all levels of care, from detox through outpatient treatment.

African American people face barriers to quality treatment. One study found that white people with opioid use disorder are nearly 35 times more likely to receive buprenorphine, a medication that curbs cravings and can prevent overdose. African American people and white people use drugs at similar rates, but African Americans are incarcerated for drug offenses at six times the rate of white people.

Amatus Health wants to help change these statistics.

Affiliations and fundraising efforts

  • Partnership With Baltimore County Public Schools
  • 5K Run Benefitting the Baltimore Community
  • RATL – ATLANTA Virtual Bingo helping underserved communities

Inquiries about Amatus Health

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