Family Program

What is the Family Program?

Amatus Alumni Programs are not only for clients; we have a robust family programming component that sets us apart from other facilities. We are always training our teams to give the client and family an experience that can support their long-term recovery.  We are constantly researching and growing our resources, facilitating groups for families and building networks from one family to another, as well as one client to another.

We understand that addiction takes a toll on the entire family. This may be a time of sadness, worry, fear, anger, and helplessness. We know how you are feeling because many of us have gone through the same thing. That is why it’s highly important for family members to stay connected with us while your loved one is in our care.

Our Family Program is inclusive of your loved one’s treatment and there is no additional cost. The program is designed to educate you and other family members about addiction and why it’s a disease, offer resources and support, update you on your loved one’s progress, assist in setting healthy boundaries, and help you plan ahead to encourage their return to a safe and sober environment.

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