Having cultivated exceptional success in our own facilities, we share our knowledge and experience with other organizations, encouraging change in the greater population. Reach every client and help relieve a national crisis.

By partnering with other facilities and industry leaders, we develop and nurture relationships with their local communities. We aim to reduce the enormous number of people nationwide affected by the opioid epidemic.


Brand Development

Product line extension
Multi brand
Brand extension
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Community Awareness
We actively and meaningfully learn from and share information with different segments of the community. Our goal is to enhance knowledge, skills and behaviors that promote optimum child development opportunities.
Prevention and Education
Early intervention and prevention can reduce the impact of substance use and mental health disorders. We offer an online educational series called “Straight Talk on Opiates” to help educate communities, including schools, about the dangers of substance abuse.
Outreach Coordination

We get involved with our community and work with many groups to provide resources for those struggling.

Marketing Initiatives

We develop a documented content marketing strategy with a strong knowledge of our audience, and an expert understanding of what is effective.

Alumni Services
Alumni have completed treatment and help us maintain connections for further education.

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Our Clients

What Our Clients Say

Love, Love, LOVE working with this fantastic company! They are NOT just another organization in the behavioral health / substance abuse space. From top down, Amatus is an organization of quality professionals that are doing the work because they care! Highly recommend!”

- Charlie C.

It has been a pleasure working with Amatus Health. They have the most competent staff in the Industry. Highly recommend!”

- Rush J.

“Great facility, ran by top notch professionals.”

- Paul Z.

“Great staff. Professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Pleasure to work with Amatus.”

- Russell G.

“As a new employee at Amatus Health, I am most impressed with the people. It is evident that they have found motivated, driven professionals with one goal: to help people suffering from substance abuse find long term recovery.”

- Adam B.