Behavioral healthcare is a complex, multifaceted industry with potential for costly and damaging errors in licensing and compliance.

Amatus Health performs the licensing procedures required by accrediting parties, as well as compliance checks. These processes accelerate your facility’s launch and continued operation to the ultimate benefit of your patients.


Initial Facility Licensing Procedures
Completing the application process, as well as developing organization policies and procedures.
State Licensing
Ensuring that the facility and program exceeds state standards. Providing on-site assistance when a state surveyor visits.
Change Ethics Training
Providing the on-site staff training tools required per state and/or accreditation standards.
Scheduled Survey
Assisting with the preparation and scheduled survey necessary to achieve national accreditations, such as JCAHO and CARF.
External Clinical Chart
Completing reviews monthly.
Annual Facility Policy Review & Updates

Assisting with annual facility policy review and updates.

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Love, Love, LOVE working with this fantastic company! They are NOT just another organization in the behavioral health / substance abuse space. From top down, Amatus is an organization of quality professionals that are doing the work because they care! Highly recommend!”

- Charlie C.

It has been a pleasure working with Amatus Health. They have the most competent staff in the Industry. Highly recommend!”

- Rush J.

“Great facility, ran by top notch professionals.”

- Paul Z.

“Great staff. Professional, knowledgeable and experienced. Pleasure to work with Amatus.”

- Russell G.

“As a new employee at Amatus Health, I am most impressed with the people. It is evident that they have found motivated, driven professionals with one goal: to help people suffering from substance abuse find long term recovery.”

- Adam B.